Looking for TV Mounting Atlanta Services?

Having a TV mounted on the wall of your living room provides both an enjoyable viewing experience and more space for you to organize your abode. At TV Install Atlanta, we get asked what is the safest, most effective way to mount your set? Here’s a step-by-step guide to TV Mounting in Atlanta. 

1. Gather Needed Materials

Before you begin, you’ll want to ensure you have all the items you need, including,

  • A mount
  • A power and HDMI cable concealment box
  • A power drill and bits
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A stud finder
  • A tape measure
  • A socket wrench
  • A wallboard saw

Choosing the Right Mount

First, check what material the wall is where you want to mount your TV. If your wall is brick or concrete, you’ll need specific mounts. 

You can choose between a stationary or a full-tilt mount as well. Check the weight of your TV before buying a mount. 

Concealing Your Cables

You can choose between an in-wall concealment set-up or an external box, depending on your preference. 

2. Choose Where to Mount the TV

TV Mounting in Atlanta depends on how the sun shines into your space. The light causes glare and disrupts viewing. Besides sunlight, room lighting can create unpleasant glare.

 Choose a location that minimizes the issue. If you only have one place to put it, you still need to be mindful of the lighting. 

Get Your Measurements

You want to place your mount high enough up on the wall so that you can watch at eye level while seating. Avoid going too high or low. Otherwise, you’ll strain your neck.


3. Attach Mounting Brackets to TV

Attach the arms of the mount directly to the TV by laying it out on a soft blanket and using a screwdriver. If installing a moving mount, put the screws in locations that don’t hinder movement.  

4. Mark Horizontal Mounting Frame Location

Use a tape measure to find the midpoint on the wall and the ideal spot when viewing the screen from your couch. Mark the location with a pencil.

5. Locate the Studs

The studs will anchor the wall portion of your mount in place. Use the stud finder to locate them and mark the spots with a pencil. 

6. Secure Mounting Frame to Wall

Check the levels of the frame before you attach it to the wall. Mark the pilot holes at the center of the studs. 

You can drill the mounting bolts or use a socket wrench to bolt everything in place. 

7. Install Your Cable Concealer

Place the concealer within the frame to hide the cables. The installation steps will depend on the method you’ve chosen. 

8. Hang Your TV

Make sure everything is level as you hang the TV. Adjust if necessary. The mount will have specific instructions on securing the device. 

9. Connect Your Cables

Connect the cables from the wall to the TV using the cable concealer. 

Having Issues? Call an Expert

Sometimes the set-up doesn’t go smoothly. For a simple easy-to-handle TV mounting in Atlanta, contact experts today.