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Have you ever wanted the full movie theater experience right in the comfort of your own home? Maybe you’ve thought that home theaters are too expensive or too complicated to set up. We’ve got you covered for home theater installations in Atlanta. 

It’s never been easier to have cinematic experiences in your house with our home theater installation Atlanta services. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help bring your dream home theater to reality!

What Do You Need for a Home Theater?

For a cinematic experience at your house, you’ll need two major things: the best audio and video.

For video, you’ll need:

  • TV or projector
  • Disc player for your DVDs or Blu-rays
  • Connection cables

You may also want a media streamer (such as a Roku or Apple TV), so you can utilize applications such as Netflix and Hulu. 

For audio, you’ll need:

  • Surround Sound receiver
  • Loudspeakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Speaker wire

This equipment will give you the high-quality sound that makes watching movies at home cinematic.

How Do You Install a Home Theater?

The installation process consists of connecting input sources (such as cable boxes and media streamers) to output sources (such as speakers and the TV itself).

A receiver (also called an AV receiver) receives both audio and visual signals from multiple sources. It processes this information, powers your loudspeakers, and delivers video displays to your projector or television. This device is an integral part of your setup.

The exact installation process of a home theater will vary depending on what type of equipment you have. For example, the process will vary between TVs with antennas, smart TVs, and TVs with cable boxes. If you have a projector rather than a conventional television set, that’s a whole separate procedure as well.

If you are unsure what type of setup you’ll require, book a home theater installation and leave it to the pros. Our professional installers can also help determine whether your audio receiver has HDMI connections or just pass-throughs. 

You can simply connect your HDMI output to the receiver and then to your TV in some cases. In other cases, the setup will require additional audio connections.

Can You Still Set Up a VCR in your Home Theater Setup?

Although VCRs have become obsolete and are no longer produced, you can still integrate them into your theater set up for a touch of nostalgia. You should be able to connect your VCR’s AV outputs to your receiver’s VCR video inputs. 

If your receiver does not have inputs for VCR, fear not. Any analog video inputs will do the trick. If you’re left with questions, book a home theater installation in Atlanta. No set up is too complicated for our installers.

Speaker Installation

The speakers and the subwoofer are perhaps the most important part of achieving an impressive theater experience at your house. You’ll need to make sure that your speakers are positioned correctly and that your speakers are connected appropriately, paying special attention to polarity. 

Booking a home theater installation will ensure that your theater sound sounds professional.

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