Hey Doggy Dogg

Way before I started TV Install Atlanta, my son started his dream business – a hot dog business. He made his name early on at a small table stand at piedmont park farmers market in 2011 and quickly onto a kitted out mobile cart unit before eventually moving into a cozy and charming 1950’s era stand alone take away shop in downtown Decatur during the  spring of 2015.

we kept evolving and growing all the while staying true with the philosophy of using utmost quality ingredients that we can get our hands on with a locally made influence. our challenge and inspiration is to turn those into yer go-to classics born out of traditional and adventurous combinations for everyone to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere as unique as our doggs themselves.

in dogg we trust

classics x adventurous combinations

ol’ yeller: 
$6 – relly (cucumber dill relish) + red (natural ketchup) + classic yellow

$6 – hot or kool kraut + spicy mustard

$7 – pimchz (housemade pimento cheese) + bacon bits + dogg sauce (tangy honey mustard) + hot sauce

$7 – 1/4 lb. kielbasa, bacon bits, classic yellow mustard

chef spesh: 
$8 – yer preference of protein + seasonal, tasty, and random toppings and sauces. hot dog roulette.

farmer breman:

$7 – kool kraut, spicy onion relly, classic yellow mustard, duke’s mayo

farmer julia:

$7 – kool kimchi, spicy onion relly, classic yellow mustard, veganaise

pushkar pupp (vegan by default)

$8 – spicy onion relly, pepper’d plantain chips, peach habanero hot sauce, herbadellic chutney and tandoori veganaise

served on a toasted yeast roll from @ratiobakeshop or a gluten-free bun from @pureknead  


@pigmangoods is our source for all-beef, snap magic hot doggs

@lightlifefoods is our source for vegan doggs

@pinestreetmarket is our source for kielbasa, chorizo and bacon

kraut : @lupaskitchen

kimchi : @ragandfrassfarm

bacon bits : @pinestreeetmarket

hot sauce : @redrobotfoods

dogg sauce : @maedaybbq

bunnage : @ratiobakeshop & @pureknead