How To Do a Ceiling TV Mount

1. Gather Needed Materials

Ceiling TV mounting is a game-changing move. It allows for increased wall-space and design flexibility, not to mention a more versatile viewing-angle and minimized glare. 

Unlike with more tricky installations, you don’t need to be super handy to put up a ceiling mount. However, you can ensure the job is done correctly with professional help.

If you decide you want to try it before calling in the pros, follow this guide to safely and effectively install your ceiling TV mount.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need. Open up your supplies and look them over to familiarize yourself with what you’re working with. Take out the assembly instructions and review them.

Some items you’ll want to have are:

  • Power drill & appropriately sized drill bits
  • Phillips-head and flat-head screwdrivers
  • A ladder, chair, or stepstool
  • Level (an app on your phone will work just fine)
  • Socket Wrench
  • Blue tape
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil & eraser
  • A friend (for the trickier maneuvers)

Before You Begin Ceiling TV Mounting

  • Using your pencil, mark where you plan to install the ceiling mount. Use your ruler and tape measure to ensure your marks line up perfectly with the mounting plate.
  • Ensure that the mount will not interfere with any electrical outlets, inlays, or water lines in the location you chose. Use a stud finder.
  • Lastly, take into account where the mount will go in relation to the cables. Picture how you want the final product to look before moving forward.

Assembling Your Ceiling TV Mount

Once you have your tools and instruction manual on hand and have marked the mounting holes, it’s time to start assembling:

  1. Attach mounting brackets to the TV. Make sure to be thorough and double-check that everything is attached tightly. The last thing you want is for your TV to become insecure
  2. Hold up the ceiling mount and trace it for reference
  3. Fasten the ceiling mount. Again, make sure it’s nice and secure.
  4. If included in the model, secure the extension and adjust it to your desired height. Otherwise, attach the TV with mounting brackets directly to the mounting plate.
  5. Wiggle the TV around a bit to make sure the fit is good. Your work is done.

Ceiling TV Mounting Tips

  1. When you drill your pilot holes, you can put a little blue tape on the drill bit to mark the depth
  2. Make sure your mounting plate is level
  3. Add spacers as needed to make bolts snug
  4. You can screw things in partway and then tighten them later
  5. More of a visual learner? Watch an installation video to help you feel more comfortable before starting. Also, consider asking a neighbor to come over and help.


Upgrading your TV watching experience with a ceiling mount is a simple process. All you need to do is make sure that you have the right mount for your TV and the right tools to set it all up. 

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